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Mortaqa / Emilin - character sheet by GahmahRaan Mortaqa / Emilin - character sheet by GahmahRaan
From my currently on-going fanfic series, Star Wars: Paranormalities.…


Profile: Ze'emilin'asana
Codename: Mortaqa

Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa
Species: Chiss (endangered purple-eyed sub-species)
Gender: Female
Age: 3500+ years
Weapon: Lightsaber (formerly), Lightscythe
Affiliation: Old Jedi Order, Valkoran Empire, Forceless Collective (unconsentingly)

The younger sister of Ze'grein'aradi (or Grein as most call her), Emilin has been through many lifetimes' worth of pain and suffering.

She was born on Nar Shaddaa after her mother and sister fled from the Chiss homeworld of Csilla to escape a series of ethnic cleansing on accusations of 'witchcraft'. Eventually both she and her sister were discovered by the Jedi Order and accepted for training (although at the time, nobody knew what species they were).

Following the end of the Mandalorian Wars, she, Grein and several others followed Jedi Knight Seferin Vaelor - Grein's betrothed and later her husband - to the Unknown Regions planet Ockla Prime after he was exiled, met the enigmatic character Valkor and created an empire consisting of many people disillusioned with their own governments, whether from the Republic or the Sith Empire.

Unfortunately, the Valkoran Empire wouldn't be the utopia it seemed to be on the surface. After the clinically insane outcast Sith Lord Masochus came along with his emotionally tormented apprentice, Balos Oiren (who would later be known as Armogeist), Emperor Valkor's plans for galactic conquest via a group known as the Forceless Collective started to surface. She and Grein learned of this, but Emilin was caught by Masochus and Valkor while Grein was forced to flee. She was then possessed by the Forceless Archfiend, Facadma.

She was officially listed as having been killed in an accident, when truth, she spent centuries in isolation being physically and psychologically tortured by Valkor, Facadma and Masochus. In addition to being consciously aware of her possession and unable to speak out (even via telepathy), forms of torment included distorting her visual perception (by making her see the world through the perspective of a three-eyed mask), taunting her with the idea that her sister won't come back to save her and cutting her breasts off while she was still conscious. But none of these compared to Facadma combining her powers to make her harvest the living Force from creatures on a planetary scale every so often, as she was often forced to endure the torment of other beings denied the opportunity to become one with the Force.

She eventually got her release more than 3,500 years later near the end of the war between the Valkoran Empire and the Galactic Alliance, liberated from Facadma by her distant nephew, Zolph Vaelor (who was almost purely human due to the Chiss genes being thinned out from generations of human breeding) and working alongside her sister Grein, who cheated death and persevered through the regret of abandoning her just to see to it that she was eventually freed and the Forceless Collective defeated. Facadma's death at the hands of both Zolph and her brother-in-law, Seferin (AKA Maesterus) then followed after hers.
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