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Ever since Star Wars: The Clone Wars introduced us to a new aspect of the Mandalorians - a pacifist faction faction emerging after a series of wars wrecked their homeworld - , they've been a point of content. On one side, you got people who are willing to just roll with it. On the other, you've got people who don't think they should have even been able to exist (mostly Expanded Universe conservatives and Karen Traviss fans).

I'm on the first side (and to be honest, I'm not a big fan of Traviss's Mandos, and I'm not one who believes video games and novels should take canonical priority in a film/television franchise), but the way I see it, Satine Kryze's pacifism regime ultimately turns into a deconstruction of pacifists in the Star Wars universe.

Satine came from a culture that are historically known for being warriors and conquerors. After their barbarianism decimated a good chunk of their homeworld and their people, Satine (who likewise had some of her people and family killed, and that's an understandable motivation for wanting to work towards pacifism) worked to rebuild what was left and make sure it doesn't waste away.

Unfortunately, she has the disposition of being a pacifist among what are historically space Vikings, making her a target for groups that are intent on resurrecting their old ways through extreme measures. Even when she successfully keeps her homeworld out of the Clone War, it falls into an economic crisis. In addition to Death Watch, she's also had several of her closest supporters in her government betray her.

At least a year later, the exiled Death Watch teams up with Darth Maul and forms an army from some of the major crime syndicates. When they used the army of criminals for a staged invasion of Mandalore simply because the government was pacifistic and by extension, make themselves vulnerable to people who would prey on those who refuse to fight, the people supported Death Watch in no time and Satine's regime ultimately fell apart. And in the end, she's murdered by Maul just for the sake of psychologically tormenting Obi-Wan and Mandalore falls into civil war (and if Sabine from the upcoming Rebels series is any indication, Mandalore may still be in civil war; behind the perky Mando teen is probably someone who's got more mental scars than she seems to show; and for those are worried, let me tell you that Greg Weisman's shows have never been too light-hearted).

This franchise is called Star Wars, and not once have we seen a story that isn't in a wartime setting (at least to my knowledge; someone let me know if there is), and whenever someone tries to negotiate for peace in this universe, they fail (the same thing could be said for Padme). Here, we have someone that truly desires peace after so much trouble with her people (and they've already got a bad rep in-universe), but like I said, she has the disposition of leading people who aren't historically pacifists by nature. In this way, not only is Satine only a deconstruction of a pacifist, she's also somewhat of a tragic hero.
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Hello there. I am sorry to bother you but I am trying to help spread around this petition to save the animated show Star Wars The Clone Wars. As you might have already heard, the show has been cancelled as of Disney's aquistion of the Star wars franchise. While I believe this is a long shot, people right now are trying to persuade disney not to cancel the show and allow them to continue creating everything they had originally planned. It is said that they had plans to take the show to an eight season if possible. For the sake of continuity in the Star Wars universe, as well as a good show, I ask you to sign the petition below to help save the Clone Wars. You don't have to sign up for any program or anything, just give them your name and zip code. If you do not care for the show or are not interested, I respect your opinion and apologize in advance for bothering you. Thank you for you time.

If you already signed the petition then I am sorry annoying you. If you could share the petition with your friends and other star wars fans, that would be great.


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I already signed this petition when I found it.
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